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We offer schooling from pre-nursery to Grade 12, however for the academic year 2018-2019, we are welcoming admissions from Pre-Nursery to Grade 5.

The pre-nursery class is predominantly for children below 1 years and 10 months, for whom we teach simple rhymes, do fun-based activities which help them develop their fine motor skills, storytelling, etc. NO WRITING for this class. Admissions to this class is open throughout the academic year and give an opportunity to try us on a monthly fee model before they commit to the educational needs of their children. We are quite confident that the child will be enrolled with us the following year to the Nursery.


The eligibity of the child to secure an admission is as follows.

Age: 2 yrs and 6 months for admission to Nursery and for every additional grade a year need to be added.

Example: for Grade 3, the child should be 7 years and 6 months.